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Theme: Vocation & Virtue

Join us as we tackle these questions:

  • What is vocation? God has designed each of us for vocation — a calling wherein we pursue fulfilling work that contributes in some way to human flourishing. 
  • What’s the hope? His Holy Spirit gives us the power to work with virtue — living out our beliefs to bless our neighbors and our world in desperate need.
  • What are we doing here? Vocational Dialogue is a discussion exploring both the HOW and the WHY of our work — how do we live out our values, and why is our vocation worth pursuing during such a time as this? 

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Session 1

Passion as Platform

Friday 8/14, 10:10a PST

Host: Joanna Ng

We invite speakers equipped with unique passions “for such a time as this,” and whom God has given a platform – divine connections and opened doors – to cultivate kingdom impact in this season of crisis. from COVID-19, economic fallout to social unrest in ‘Black Lives Matter.”


Designing Public Policy Like We Design Airplanes – Al Erisman

Good things come to those who praise – Carolina Ruiz

Gaming and the Hollywood of Tomorrow – Christopher Skaggs

Ethiopia Tentmaker Missions: Raising Disciples as an Engineering Professor – Tim Kwa

Dreaming in 20/20: Living with a Vision that Will Never Blur – Amber Kierra

Living Sacrifices in a Global Pandemic: How God used a Honduran prophetess, a nerdy engineer, a flower child, and a Mexican immigrant in the heart of a low-income neighborhood just in time for Coronavirus – Angela Bymaster

Session 2

Theology of Technology

Friday 8/14, 1pm PST

Host: Joy Chiew

Our country has been grappling with two large-scale crises: the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide protests against structural racism. Both crises have introduced complex challenges that require deeper understanding of the relationship between theology, ethics, and technology. How can Christians design and use technology in ways that glorify God and benefit all people?


Connecting Bytes and Beliefs – Derek Schuurman

How can we design truly helpful technology? – Sanjay Noronha

A New Way to Church: A Strategy for a Global Ekklesia – Andrew Pottenger

Diversity: The Key to Collective Intelligence in the Age of AI – Lorenzo Barberis Canonico

How Technology can unlock the secrets of generosity and its power to change the world – Lucas Parry

Building a New Reality through God’s Original Incubator – Diana Wilson

Session 3

Gospel Justice

Friday 8/14, 3:30p PST

Host: Danielle Parish

In the midst of a global pandemic, the world finally paid attention to our brother’s voice crying out, “I can’t breathe.” Not the first to cry out for life at the hands of systemic racism, George Floyd’s last words serve as a global rallying cry, “Black Lives Matter.” Since his murder, peaceful protests and demonstrations continue, and many in the Church, some perhaps for the first time, have joined the outcry for justice. Gospel justice and racial reconciliation have been cornerstones of Spark Church since their founding seven years ago, serving as a core expression of the way of Jesus. Join us as Pastor Danielle Parish, co-founder and lead pastor of Spark Church, speaks to the biblical pursuit of justice and its centrality to the Christian faith. Following her remarks, a diverse panel of Spark members, leaders and founders will discuss how the pursuit of “Gospel Justice” renews and strengthens their relationship with Jesus, the Church, and their communities.


Gospel and the Way of Jesus – Danielle Parish. A Panel Discussion with:

Pastor Danielle Parish

Founder/Board Member Stacey Arevalo

Pastor Tom Arrington

Pastor Kevin Neuner

Pastor Marcus Randolph

Founder/Board Member Pamala Simpson

Session 4

Vocation, Purpose, and Calling

Saturday 8/15, 10:10a PST

Host: Denise Yohn

Purpose and calling are critical when navigating uncertain times. What impact has Covid-19 and civil unrest had on our understanding and experience of vocation?  Given the new reality we now live in, how do we think about and do our work in a distinctively Christian way?  How have our work lives evolved, and how has the intersection of faith and work changed?

“Grace and Peace to You”: Foundations for worshipful work in a disrupted environment – Zachary William Beaver

Glimpses of Heaven on Earth: My Journey in Science & Faith – Leslie Wickman 

Finding Our Voice: What Silences Us and How Our Faith Can Move Us Forward – Brain Kang

Walk, Climb, or Fly: Exploring the Ways We’re Wired to Work – Leigh Durst

Ambition and the Christian + Woman: an unspoken taboo and call to allyship – Karen Tay

From Detours to Destiny: The journey of becoming in a modern age of change – Jessica Chin

Session 5

Educating in an Online World

Saturday 8/15, 1p PST

Host: Tammy Chang

How are people in tech and people in the church learning from each other? What is the potential for that partnership to bless our neighbors and the world?

The Ministry of Reconnection: How We Work to End the Marginalization and Disconnection of Black and Brown Young Adults in the U.S. – Shamichael Hallman

Education as a Way to Empower Leaders from the Developing World – Nadia Benbernou

The Lausanne Global Classroom: An Online Resource for Equipping the Global Church in Strategic Issues – Brent H. Burdick 

Student Ministry during COVID & BLM – Eliana SoHyun Land

Where is God at Work in Digital Missions – Russ MartinUnfriending God: How Social Media is Rewiring Our Need for God – Ruth Mullen

Session 6

Economic Justice

Saturday 8/15, 3:30p PST

Host: Nicole Dickens

Inspired by 4word’s bold move to host Candid Conversations, the 4-part series of courageous, authentic conversations with a panel of four African American women from our 4word community, 4word Bay Area is partnering with Passion Talks 2020 to continue the conversation on where do we go from here with respect to racial reconciliation. We will be hosting the Economic Justice track where some of our local Bay Area community as well as a few of the Candid Conversations panelists will give talks on what gospel justice can look like in the workplace. It takes a village, so 4word Bay Area and Passion Talks are bringing you food for thought on how you can impact the world for good with regards to economic justice.

Economic Justice Looks Like Something: For I Was Hungry And You Gave Me Something To Eat – Marie-Ange Eyoum Tagne

A 2044 Return: The NPV of Social Equity for Youth of Color – Joi Freeman

Correcting the Revolving Door of Diverse Talent – Brittany Prater

What Drives Change Towards Economic Justice – Is it Personal or Institutional? – LaDonna Slade

Buying a Co-Worker a Coke and Other Things God Made Me Do: The Simple Path to Racial Reconciliation in the Workplace – Kyla Cragg

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